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BlackBerry’s global market share just fell to 0%

By | February 15, 2017

BlackBerry’s market share through CY 2015. Data and image by Statista. I was curious to see if BlackBerry had said anything about its own Android sales, so I pulled the company’s financial data and earnings call transcripts. In Q1 of BlackBerry’s fiscal year 2016, the company recorded $269 million worth of revenue in its “Hardware… Read More »

Nokia is resurrecting the iconic 3310 phone

By | February 14, 2017

You can tell this is Photoshopped. The wall is still standing. The trick for Nokia will be balancing nostalgia, form factor, and capability. If you wanted to put a higher-resolution display on the old Nokia, you might also want to make it a bit bigger — but not to the point that the phone loses… Read More »

Rumor: Apple may add wireless charging to iPhone 8, but top-end model could cost $1,000

By | February 10, 2017

The new iPhone 8 will push for a display across its entire surface, and a 5.8-inch screen size. The iPhone 8/X is also expected to offer home buttons and fingerprint sensors built directly into its edge-to-edge screen, a double camera, and 3D-sensing technology provided by Lumentum. Companies like Amazon and Google have played with 3D-sensing… Read More »